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Pipe End Heating

The precessing of pipe ends includes drilling, threading, welding and other types of mechanical deformation which may require heat treatment to harden the metal or to eliminate residual stresses. In addition, tube ends are often heated and then upset (formed) to increase or decrease the diameter or wall thickness to allow pipes to be joined end-to-end.

Pillar Induction pipe-end heating systems are designed for a variety of these applications including:

Preheat for welding & swaging
Friction weld and swage
Stress Relieving
Coating curing and removal

Features Include:
Single or multi-turn solenoid coils
SCR or IGBT power supplies available from 200Hz to 3000Hz depending on the process and pipe size.
Infrared temperature monitoring systems
Advanced temperature process monitoring and chart recording
Process analysis using 2D and 3D modeling
Infrared camera analysis in the field or in our lab
Pipe or coil positioning equipment as required
Cooling systems

Click here to view the Pipe End Heating Data Sheet.


Tube End Close Up Image

Pillar Pipe End Heating Image

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