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Induction Heating for Upsetting

Pipe Upset Induction heating is an ideal technology for your Tube/Pipe upsetting needs. An appropriately rated power supply (power and frequency) provides rapid and even heating of the tube/pipe end for maximum upsetting quality. Multiple parallel coils allow for higher production rates and better temperature uniformity. Additional features such as infrared sensors and PID loop control provide additional quality and system flexibility.

The equipment power and frequency rating vary greatly, from one upsetting system to the next. The tube/pipe product mix and production rates determine which system is optimum for your requirements. Let us simulate your application and provide a quotation for Pillar's Induction Solution.

The equipment configuration is tailored to your specific layout. Provide us with a layout, and we will find a way to implement the solution.

Our expertise extends beyond the induction equipment to encompass complete material handling systems. From unbundling stations, unscramblers and gantry systems to robotic loading, Pillar is your single source for induction upsetting systems.


Heating for Upsetting Solenoid Coil

Pipe Upsetting

Heating Coil

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