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Tooth by Tooth Gear Hardening

With 3-axis servo positioning, the Pillar tooth-by-tooth gear hardener provides ID or OD case hardening of large spur and helical gears from 10" to 180" in diameter. Complete with integral quench system, water cooling system and CNC or PLC process machine control, this recipe-driven system is capable of multiple scan speeds as required by the metallurgical recipe.

Pillar developed a state-of-the-art, non-contact laser measurement system which significantly decreases the amount of time necessary to set up for each part. This noncontact laser measurement system working in conjunction with low backlash servos provides consistent induction coil-to-tooth alignment to ensure the proper heating pattern.  Advanced controls include a large touch screen HMI for operation and analysis, recipe storage, and Ethernet connection for external logging and remote diagnostics.


Tooth by Tooth Gear Hardening

Tooth-by-tooth gear hardener

Gear hardener control panel

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