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Mining Bit Brazing & Hardening

Mining bits are conveyed with an indexing conveyor through the load staging area, tip braze heating coil, tip braze tamper location, mining bit heating coil and off load staging area.  The tip braze press is pneumatically actuated between the braze coil and the heating coil to push the carbide tip down into the mining bit to insure proper seating of the tip.

The part tooling fixtures for each mining bit on the conveyor are electrically isolated to eliminate any induction coupling and resultant heating.

A pneumatic pick and place unit will extract the heated bit from the part fixturing on the indexing conveyor and drop into the quench.  An incline exit conveyor is then utilized to extract the bits from the quench tank.


Mining Bit Heating

Mining Bit Heat Treating Close Up

Mining Bit Heat Treating

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