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Steel Frame Furnace

Capacity: 100 lbs 3,000 lbs (45 kg - 1,361 kg) Steel Capacity

The Steel Frame furnace is rugged and durable, but above all, practical. The coil is fully supported in the steel frame and surrounded by magnetic containment shunts. This structure ensures that the lining is not mechanically stressed when tilting the furnace. Field experience has shown a better than 35 percent improvement in lining life when compared with a conventional box furnace. Similarly, the castable in the top and bottom of the furnace is fully supported and plays no part in the mechanical integrity of the furnace. The optional refractory lined lid ensures maximum efficiency, especially with higher temperature metals. A fume ring is also available.

Standard Features
Heavy duty welded steel frame
Heavy duty shunts (yokes)
High efficiency copper coil
Stainless Steel cooling coils
Lead clamp
Leakage detector probes
Premium hydraulic cylinders
Flow control valves
Manual lid
Nose tilt pouring

Optional Features
Heavy duty fume ring
Variable furnace deck heights
Melt-out lining forms
Complete refractory linings




 Pillar Induction Steel Frame Furnace

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