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Crystal Growing

Crystal growers are used to for heating gallium arsenide, synthetic rubies, and other crystalline materials in a zirconium or platinum crucible to 950 and higher. The primary use of crystal growers is the pulling of gallium arsenide crystals for the laser and IC industries. A crystal grower is designed to have a very accurate control system to maintain temperature within 3C for a period of up to 6 weeks continuous. Any variance greater than this is the difference between a good crystal and a bad one.

Pillar has been supplying equipment for this application since 1981 when we introduced our first design as part of the Crystal Grower line with a 50 kW 10 kHz induction heating Crystal Grower.

Features include:

  • Precision Power Control Circuitry
  • Coil Current Control
  • UPS or Autostart for Control Circuitry
  • Coil Current Feedback
  • 4 to 20 mA Control
  • Specialized Output Configuration
  • Line Monitor Circuitry
  • Integral Heat Station

Click here to view the Pillar MK25CG Power Supply - Crystal Growing Brochure.


PIllar MK25CG Power Supply - 9 units






Pillar MK25CG Power Supply - Crystal Growing

MK25CG - Crystal Growing

Grown Crystals

Crystal growing process

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