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MK30 MOSFET Converter
Power Range: 3kW - 25kW
Frequency Range: 135kHz - 400kHz

MK-30 3kw bench modelStandard Features:

  • Modern Compact Design
  • MOSFET transistor modules
  • 95% maximum conversion efficiency
  • Wide matching range capability
  • Full compliment of direct metering for power supply operating conditions
  • Single main control board
  • Isolation output transformer
  • Sealed enclosure requiring no external air for cooling
  • MK-30 5kw bench modelSingle side access for easy installation

Power Supply Specifications:

  • Power circuit is utilizing MOSFET power devices for switching
  • Nominal output frequency 135-400 kHz (35-100 kHz option available)
  • Minimal power output level is 3% of rated power output
  • All kilowatt sizes are provided from the factory in current control
  • Output regulation accuracy is +/- % with +/- 10% charge in incoming line
  • Input line to load conversion efficiency of 95%
  • MK30 MOSFET ConverterInput power requires 3 phase at rated voltage, 50 to 60 hertz
  • 105 degree maximum inlet water temperature
  • 30 psi minimum differential water pressure with differential switch protection
  • NPT thread connections on water inlet/outlet
  • Constant resonant frequency tracking throughout the heating cycle

Click here to view the MK30 Power Supply Data Sheet


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