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MK15 IGBT Converter
Power Range: 600kW - 2000kW
Frequency Range: 200Hz - 10kHz

The MK15 is a voltage source inverter with a series tuned circuit. This IGBT power supply offers low loss, transistorized devices, with an embedded microprocessor control and fiber optic control firing.

Standard Features

  • Direct replacement for Tripler and SCR technology
  • IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Modules
  • Very wide matching range
  • Single Main Control Board, within a separate lockable control circuitry door. This eliminates the need to enter the high voltage section.
  • Microprocessor Control with:
    • Temperature Profile
    • Target Temperature Control
    • Start Capability
    • KWHr Count
    • Fault Logging (500 events)
    • Cooling System
  • DC injection Ground Fault Protection with a desensitizing circuit for sintering
  • Fiber Optic Firing and Sensing
  • Ability to turn On/Off with Full Power set
  • Designed to survive Shorted Output at Full Power and Full Voltage
  • Continuous Water Conductivity Sensor
  • Constant Voltage control circuit transformer
  • Single side access for servicing
  • Line Over/Under Voltage Trip
  • Single Side Access for Servicing

Click here to view the MK15 Power Supply Data Sheet


MK15 IGBT Converter


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