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SCR Converter

The following advantages are arguments in favour of using SCR converters as medium-frequency power generators:

  • A good level of efficiency, also in reduced power operations, guarantees low energy costs.
  • The converter can be switched on and off as often as needed without delays, accomodating short interruptions to production.
  • Converters require minimal maintenance and have no components that wear out and work without any mechanical moving parts.
  • The use of field-proven, conservatively rated electronic components results in a long useful life and high operational reliability.
  • Pillar parallel inverters adapt to all load conditions by means of electronic control without moving parts.
  • Converters always present the supply system with a symmetrical, balanced load on all supply line phases. The power smoothly ramps up or down over a programmable period, providing a soft start, that eliminates inrushes and surges. Acceptable power quality is achieved by judicious selection of a 6, 12 or 24 pulse rectifier configuration.

MK8 SCR Converter
Power Range: 50kW - 750kW
Frequency Range: 200Hz - 3kHz

MK7 & MK17 SCR Converter
Power Range: 750kW - 6000kW
Frequency Range: 200Hz - 3kHz

MK8 SCR Converter

MK8 SCR Converter


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