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MK7 & MK17 SCR Converter

Power Range: 750kW - 6000kW
Frequency Range: 200Hz - 3kHz

Standard Features:

  • Compact, Economical, Easy Access Package incorporates a design with access for convenient and logical maintenance.
  • Most Efficient Coupling Method Utilized  to give the best matching capabilities over a wider range of operating conditions.
  • High Efficiency allows use of maximum inlet water temperature of 115 F.
  • Full Range Power Adjustment  from a single operator control.
  • Water Cooled Capacitors  with pressure sensitive safety switches.
  • Instrumentation:
    • Output power (KW) meter.
    • Output DC Voltage meter.
    • Operating frequency meter.
    • Diagnostic monitor.

Click here to view the MK17 Power Supply Data Sheet.



 MK7 SCR Converter

MK7 SCR Converter

MK17 Power Supply


MK17 Power Supply with Heat Station Image

MK17 Power Supply with Heat Station

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