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Ferrous Melting

Pillar offers a variety of furnaces for ferrous melting applications. Our product offering includes box and steel frame furnaces for smaller applications, and steel shell furnaces for the larger foundry applications. All Pillar furnaces are designed to handle the toughest of foundry environments.

Optional items available include:
•  Closed Capture Hoods or Fume Collection Rings
•  Lining Pushout Devices
•  Furnace Weighing Systems

Click on the links below to view our Ferrous Melting Systems Brochures:

Pillar 01-06 Ferrous Melting Systems - MK8 Power Supply - Steel Frame Furnaces

Pillar 14-18 Ferrous Melting Systems - MK17 Power Supply - Steel Shell Furnaces


Iron Casting Research Institute  Steel Founders’ Society of America

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