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MK25CG IGBT Converter
Power Range: 25kW - 50kW
Frequency Range: 10 kHz, 25 kHz

Standard Features:

  • IGBT transistor modules
  • Electrical isolation
  • Single main control board
  • NEC wiring codes & NFPA-79 wiring codes
  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges with pressure differential switch
  • Internal heat station which includes:
    • Sufficient high frequency capacitance to properly match the heating coil.
    • Output transformer suitable for matching the converter output voltage to that required by the induction coil.
  • Water inlet and outlet on top of cabinet
  • Safety door interlock switch
  • CE or ETL certification available
  • Forklift slots under cabinet
  • Precut power exit and entry locations
  • Current transformer for sensing the coil current
  • Control board with a choice of three feedback inputs
  • Front panel diagnostics
  • 95% conversion efficiency

Power Circuit Specifications:

  • Power circuit is voltage source, fundamental frequency output utilizing IGBT’s (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) for power switching
  • Input power factor is .95 or better - from 0% to 100% output
  • Output regulation modes voltage, kW, current at rated output
  • Output regulation accuracy is +/-1% with input voltage variation of up to +/-10%
  • Input voltage is 480 volts, 3 phase, 50 or 60 hz
  • Sound level is less than 85db
  • Ramp up from 0% to 100%, 100 ms
  • 0-10 volt or 4-20 mA interface

Click here to view the Pillar MK25CG Power Supply - Crystal Growing brochure.

Click here to view the Pillar MK25 Power Supply brochure.

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Pillar MK25CG-Crystal Growing Power Supply

MK25 CG Power Supply - Crystal Growing

Pillar MK25 Power Supply

MK25 Power Supply

Pillar MK25CG Power Supply Controls

MK25CG Power Supply Controls

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