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MK11 IGBT Converter
Power Range: 100kW - 750kW
Frequency Range: 1kHz - 10kHz

The MK11 is an energy efficient, voltage source inverter with a parallel-tuned output. This IGBT power supply offers a wide tuning range and is available in both local and remote heat station configurations. This simplifies integration into new systems or existing installations. Selectable output regulation modes include voltage, kW or current.

Standard Features:

  • Direct modern replacement for motor generator and SCR technology.
  • IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor modules.
  • Parallel tuned output circuit.
  • Constant voltage control circuit transformer.
  • 96.7% conversion efficiency.
  • Wide matching range capability.
  • Large, 4-line alphanumeric display.
  • Lockable line power disconnect switch with undervoltage trip.
  • Push to test tuning verification.
  • Insertable control board IC devices to expedite field servicing.
  • Single main control board within a separate lockable door for safe access.
  • NEC and NFPA79 Wiring codes.
  • Isolation output transformer.
  • Full height safety interlocked doors.
  • Single side access for servicing.
  • Heavy welded steel channel base with fork lift slots.
  • Precut access panels for power infeed and output.

Click here to view the Pillar MK11 Power Supply brochure.

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Pillar MK11 Power Supply


Pillar MK11 Remote Controls Panel

MK11 Power Supply


MK11 Epitaxy

MK11 Epitaxy

MK11 500kW

MK11 500 kW

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