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Induction Heating Coils

Induction heating can be used in any application where metallic parts are heated to elevated temperatures for any of the following applications: Forging, Heat Treating, Tube & Pipe Heating, Brazing, Stress Relieving, Bonding, Annealing, Shrink Fitting, Etc.

With proper engineering the induction heating process can be improved to reduce downtime, improve quality, increase throughput and reduce energy costs. On older equipment an investment in updated tooling will provide pay back in a very short period of time.

Forging & Forming Coils
Tube & Pipe Coils
Heat Treating Coils & Inductors
Brazing & Joining Coils
Susceptor Heating Coils
Pancake Coils


Winding Coil

Tube and Pipe Coil


Channel Coil

Seam Annealer Coil

Tube and Pipe Coil

Susceptor Heating Coil

Heat Treating Coil     Heat Treating Coil


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