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Non-Ferrous Melting

Pillar offers a variety of Furnaces for the non-ferrous metal industry, each designed to meet a specific need. Our product offering includes small systems, designed to melt and pour multiple alloys and high powered systems developed for large scale melting processing.

If you are looking for innovative solutions to match your production needs, look no further than Pillar Induction. Our experienced staff will work with you to provide the most cost effective and productive induction melting system available.

Smaller Systems

Nonferrous Systems Lift/Swing Furnaces are available with hoist and hydraulic designs for crucible sizes ranging from #40 to #225. Important characteristics include:
•  Rapid Alloy Changeover without Contamination
•  Reduced Pouring Temperatures
•  Utilization Rates near 100%
•  Optional Fume Collection Ring Available

Larger Systems

Aluminum Box, Steel Frame and Steel Shell Furnaces are available in capacities from 
50 to 20,000 pounds. Operational frequencies are selected to match each application and vary between 200 and 3000 Hz. Use with a rammed type lining or crucible is possible. Optional fume collection is available.

Click on the links below to view our Non-Ferrous Melting Systems Brochures:

Pillar 07-08 Non-Ferrous Melting Systems - MK25 Power Supply - Drop Coil Furnace & Hand Furnace

Pillar 09-11 Non-Ferrous Melting Systems - MK8 Power Supply - Lift Swing Furnace

Pillar 12-13 Non-Ferrous Melting Systems - MK8 Power Supply - Steel Frame Furnaces


North American Die Casting Association  Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society

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Non-ferrous Melting

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